How to get data item input

<ion-content no-padding>
    <ion-card *ngFor="let item of items">
        <div [ngClass]="{disabled: item.Amount == 0}">
                <ion-row align-items-center>
                    <ion-col col-4><img src="{{item.image}}" full></ion-col>
                    <ion-col col-7>
                        <p>Brand: {{item.Brand}}</p>
                        <p>Model: {{item.Model}}</p>
                        <p class="price">Price {{item.price | number}} $</p>
                        <ion-row align-items-center class="input_form" *ngIf="item.Amount > 0">
                            <ion-col col-5 class="nopadding">
                            <ion-col col-7 class="nopadding">
                                <ion-input id="{{}}" min="1" max="{{item.Amount}}" type="number" placeholder="number" value="1" (change)='onChangeNum($event)'></ion-input>
                    <ion-col col-1 *ngIf="item.Amount > 0">
                     <ion-checkbox [(ngModel)]="checkbox_select[]" (ionChange)="check()"></ion-checkbox>

I want get value from (ion-input) by id. please help me.

Your question is not clear enough, please give a bit more time and effort to asking questions properly.

i edit question. please check

Hey, I am sorry you need to show us just the relevant code and put up a more elaborate question. May be someone else can chip in.

Bind it to something, either a form control or using ngModel.