How to use fixed content and hide scrollbar? React

Hi all, New to Ionic. I use the starter which has the bottom navigation and also a topbar, My first question is how can I add something to the content to fill the content fully without going behind the bottom bar and also not go behind the topbar, I tried margin/padding top & bottom CSS also !important but does not work.

Also how can I remove the scrollbar in the content?

<IonContent fullscreen>
        <IonHeader collapse="condense">
            <IonTitle size="large">Tab 2</IonTitle>
        <ExploreContainer name="Tab 2 page" />


Found now that we need these dashed for the CSS to work kind of confusing that normal CSS does not work.

.no-scroll {
  --overflow: hidden;

also this does not work why?

.no-scroll {
  --overflow-x: hidden;
.no-scroll {
  --overflow-y: hidden;