How to use cordova plugins with ionic 3?

Am developping an ionic 3 app that require this plugin( cordova-plugin-bluetooth-geolocation but when i install it i can’t call it in my home.ts file i try (import geo from ‘cordova-plugin-bluetooth-geolocation’) but i get it undefined.
what am i doing wrong?

Hi kris,

have you installed that plugin to your project’s plugin directory or into a global directory? I had such an issue when not installing into project’s directory as my app was not able to access directoy outside project’s directory.

i’ve also installed in my plugins directory but still it dosen’t work

I just checked the repo. Not sure if that Plugin works with ionic 3. Maybe Ionic native geolocation Plugin meets your requirements?

I am using the geolocation plugin, but I was wondering if I use a third party device (GPs receiver like Trimble R8) will the position that I will receive is it from the phone or the reciever).

some cordova plugins will work… some will not.