How to install plugin and starter application?


Hello, I’m an absolutely beginner when it comes to Ionic and app creation although I’m an experienced website developer.

I’m trying to create an app that tracks a users route and tracks their mileage which is then uploaded to my web server. Basically the premium plugin “Cordova Background Geolocation” does everything that I want, so I’m trying to trial the “sample” version before I buy - although I cannot seem to get it to work within an app.

My question is how do plugins work, I cannot seem to find a guild on how to property integrate a plugin. There are installation guilds in the description, which I’ve followed but when I start the application it’s still blank.

Excuses my newbie question, but I’ve very keen to learn and any help will be appreciated.


Hi, started out exactly like you and got hooked fast, keep it up!

So to get cordova plugins working with ionic you usually first search if there is an Ionic Native wrapper which would streamline the integration and the programming interface a lot.

Looks like you’re in luck and there seems to be a wrapper for the one you need with all the instructions to hook it up in your app here.