How to use Cordova plugins in an Ionic project?


I have a project that requires the Camera and FileTransfer Cordova plugins. I managed to install these into the project but the API isn’t available to my JS code so I’m getting e.g. error:

ReferenceError: Camera is not defined
at Scope.$scope.takePic

How do I make the API available in an Ionic project?


For help on integrating cordova plugins with angular, check out some of these angular wrappers.


Thanks for the link! But does that mean I have to write wrappers for every single Cordova plugin I want to use (the ones in the git repo seem all related to device-specific API). What about FileTransfer?


I would, just to be safe and keep things in synch on the angular side. For the file transferplugin, take a look at this SO post. Also, this post here on the forums.