Ionic with Native stuff

I am developing app on Android using Cordova

I have demo stuff ready using cordova commandline.

New to angular and so here are few queries.

  1. Any good minimal tutorial/doc to understand how ionic is using angular?
  2. If need to add plugin (like sending SMS), should I add via cordova command line or using ionic?
  3. Where those code (of handling SMS etc will go with ionic?)

any example of ionic with cordova plugin is avail?


Seems that you need to learn up on how HTML5 apps work. I typically like to add plugins through the cordova cmd line utility, like:

cordova plugin add

The code to implement the Cordova plugins live in your Angular app, which then interact with the Cordova API. Check out the seed examples.


Thanks. I am able to add plugins as you mentioned.
Is there any example (if yes, link please) which is having use of cordova api in ionic?