How to use Camera image for predict in Clarifai “Node Js”?

I 'm pretty new to the ionic framework.I 'm using ionic v1 and clarifai for face recognition app. I have faced a small problem with the camera image.
First of all, I saved the camera image in the mobile camera roll and converted to html5 canvas to be easily manipulated.
I need to convert the picture to base 64 before using it for clarifai picture predict.I used to data URL convert to base64.
My app is work with album pictures that I save them from a server. But whenever I take a picture from device camera and save it to an album and then upload the taken image the app is stuck and the predict function not work!
Maybe it’s problem with camera options or image destination.

I need to use camera image as base64, my app work only for images that are from a net server.
Any Suggestion??