How to style datetime v6 arrows and time picker text under ios (so looks good in a dark mode)

Hi, I am using the Ionic v6 datetime in a modal.

I apply a few styles, to the modal, but to simplify, here is the relevant style for the text color

.date-time-modal {         
   color: var(--ion-text-color); 

Running in light mode all looks good, but when I switch to my dark mode, the ios theme has a few issues.

Here is what it looks like running in “Android mode”

My primary color(s) are the “purple” we see.


The time picker, if possible I would like the selected text to be brighter, and the unselected to be dimmed (opposed of what we have here), but it’s a lot better than the ios mode (see below)


Running in ios…

The main view is ok, except for arrows, are too dark (would like more as in the Android/md mode)


Also, in the time picker, I would like to darken the unselected text (oppose to the md theme problem)


I’ve tried everything to target these parts, but just seem to style them.

Is there a way I can get to these couple of elements and apply some color styles?

Thanks in advance

Update - I found I could get closer by defining a theme as explained at Ionic CSS Color Component: Style or Change Default App Colors

eg I added a mint theme, and now I get…


Only the iOS time picker now does not seem affected by it (it is still the same)…


ie would just like the unselected number slightly darker