How to share my app market link to social networks

hello every one
how i can share my app play store link to facebook or whatsapp
i use socialsharing plugin to share text or link
but how i can know my app play store link before i publishing it and put the link in my code

I don’t think if you can get your app play store link before publishing it. You need to publish your app then you will get the published url for the same. Otherwise you can create a free blog with you app name & give that link on social media channels. It will help you get some initial app users when you will launch the app.

so if any one that use my app cant share the app to his friend ?

You can know the Play Store link before submitting your app since it is: + the app id you set in your config. For the App Store it might be a bit harder but you should be able to firgure that out aswell.

You can even see the link in the Play Store when your app is only in beta, the link doesn’t change if you release it. Might be the same for the App Store.

thank you very much for your helping

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I would suggest to use deep linking with

Ok deep linking is not really your main goal, but still, it will allow you to publish only one link for both iOS and Android

For example, without, if you publish on Facebook a link to the play store (…) then all people using an iPhone will land in that store which doesn’t help them respectively you may directly loose potential users gonna redirect the potential users to the right store and furthermore, if a user would already have the app, he gonna then be redirect to the app not the store

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use dynamic links (firebase or