How to set tab index in ionic

I have two tab in my app, First tab has list view with detail page and second tab has some setting page. when i was inside detail page and go to my second tab and come back to first tab it show detail page instead of list page.

Please improve your style of posting a question. I don’t see what your trying to achieve. I’m guessing you want the list view to show, everytime you go to the first tab.

Every tab has its own Navigation stack. That means that everything works like it should.

I’m not sure if there is already sth implemented to achieve this behavior but I think it can’t be that hard to wirte something down.

I want to set index on tab for example which tab will open list view only (In my case it open but only on second click).

Yes, the 2nd click opens the Tabs root page. As I said, thats the standart behavior.

can i change that? if so please let me know how

I don’t understand your question but I recommend you to read Ionic Tabs API Docs.