Hide only one tab and show all pages from side menu without index

Hi everyone!

I am developing a similar application to “conference”, but basically:
I have 5 pages that appear in side menu and 4 in tabs menu.

This does not load the index from page 5 from the side menu and is not displayed.

If I use the interface with 4 and the page 5 load with setRoot in a click function, when loading for example, page 3, load the 1 and the second click load the 3 correctly.

Anyone have any solutions for this?

Thank you very much!!

********************************** option 1
app.component – This way dont load NosotrosPage because index 4 does not exist in tabs

  appPages: PageInterface[] = [
{ title: 'Home', name: 'TabsPage', component: TabsPage, tabComponent: HomePage, index: 0, icon: 'home' },
{ title: 'Buscador de Talleres', name: 'TabsPage', component: TabsPage, index: 1, icon: 'construct' },
{ title: 'Buscador de Ofertas', name: 'TabsPage', component: TabsPage, index: 2, icon: 'pricetags' },
{ title: 'Contacto', name: 'TabsPage', component: TabsPage, tabComponent: ContactoPage, index: 3, icon: 'mail' },
{ title: 'NosotrosPage', name: 'NosotrosPage', component: TabsPage, tabComponent: NosotrosPage, index: 4, icon: 'mail' }


 <ion-tabs [selectedIndex]="mySelectedIndex">
 <ion-tab [root]="tab1Root" tabTitle="Home" tabIcon="home"></ion-tab> (index 0)
 <ion-tab tabTitle="Talleres" tabIcon="construct" (ionSelect)="abreTalleres()"></ion-tab> (index 1)
 <ion-tab tabTitle="Ofertas" tabIcon="pricetags" (ionSelect)="abreOfertas()"></ion-tab> (index 2)
 <ion-tab [root]="tab2Root" tabTitle="Contacto" tabIcon="mail"></ion-tab> (index 3)

***************************************** option 2
app.template – This way open the correct page only on second click (openPage).

    <button ion-item menuClose *ngFor="let p of appPages" (click)="openPage(p)">
      <ion-icon item-start [name]="p.icon" [color]="isActive(p)"></ion-icon>
    <button ion-item menuClose (click)="abrirNosotrosPage()">
      <ion-icon item-start name="contacts"></ion-icon>
      ¿Quienes somos?

I hope I explained it well