How to set name of iOS Xcode Project from Capacitor

I have set the name of my project in capacitor.config.json

When I run ionic capacitor build ios it creates the ios folder with a xcode project named ‘App’

I rename the project within xcode and it throws swift errors regarding to references like not being able to find capacitor, or cocoa pods not being synchronized. If I don’t rename the project, it works fine. But when I go to archive, it is simply named ‘App’ with only the display name being what I set in the capacitor config.

And when I do rename the project in Xcode it also throws errors in the capacitor CLI like: Unable to find a target named 'App' in project 'MyApp.xcodeproj', did find 'MyApp'.

Is there a way I can reliably set the project name so that I don’t have to fuss with renaming through Xcode?


I have the same case. Need a help.

I also have this problem.