How to set a unique font and size for devices?

ionic app with several versions of android has different size and different font how to set a static font to show same in all devices and all OS versions?

It looks like some worng with your css, because Ionic has preseted fonts and its sizes. All sizes are set in pixels.

@rsa Hi, You can customize your app.css and inside the body you should put all your font styling. It does work for me if I put !important clause everywhere in my CSS to override other CSS properties.

Hi, I’m not manipulated Ionic css files and I use original version but in android with Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Kitkat fonts are different in sizes for higher versions of android i decided to add font resizing code.

it seems there is nothing wrong with English but in second and local language(Persian / Arabic) sizes are bigger I want to set for example Tahoma font with size 12 to all normal texts.

You can add spesific class to body tag when language is changed, and override the font-family.