Font size in different platforms


Does ionic take default font size when use h1,h2,h3…tags depends upon the different resolutions?

if it doesn’t should i use @media queries?
if it is can anyone help me how to do?

when i check with chrome multiple platform emulator the content which is defined within thethe font-size changed without using media queries.but in footer it doesn’t reflects. me.


All of our font sizes are here, in _type.scss,


I’m trying to work out how to make my text when on a larger screen, eg. a tablet/ipad. The images are easy as I use % in the CSS, but the fonts are harder. If I use em or relative sized (e.g. large) then it looks ok on 1 device but not the other.

How do other people handle text on a tablet versus an iphone?


You can use media queries for different resolution to set the fontsize.