How to send data to a page without pushing to that page?

Actually i am new to the ionic, i need help: I want to send the data from one page to other without pushing to that page in ionic 3. e.g add to favorite.

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Maybe you can use IonicStorage

use a provider.

see this link

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Dear Tanzeel064,

You should declare global variable in service and pass the value to variable from any pages/services so that it is available in entire project. Else go through the Events you can get solution as of my experience. Thanks

In Ionic 3 you can use localStorage to perform this operation
Page 1

let page1Data='This is Page 1 Data';
localStorage.setItem('storedData': page1Data);

Page 2
Use this Data in page 2 using

let page1Data= localStorage.getItem('storedData');

For More Details:

Well I would agree with ralphskie - use a provider that is shared across both pages. Persistence of that data is a separate question I think (you can persist it using Ionic Storage if you need to inside of provider.

thanks your solution sounds well:grinning: