How to send a Firebase Notification when new data is available to user?

I have looked everywhere but i can’t find a tutorial or somewhere someone explains how to use this. Is there a way i can use onesignal for this?

Read the AngularFire2 docs.

You can use OneSignal, here is a doc.

Yes but this does not state how can push notification when new data is added to firebase

You can write a simple webserver who listens to changes in your DB or your app/programme uses the OneSignal or firebase push API if you add a new item.
Nothing special

Firebase support this, that’s why @AaronSterling asked him to read the AngularFire2 docs.
No need for a server, database or OneSignal :wink:

How can i do this exactly i can’t find anything that explains how i can do this

Have a look at or more specific Is this what you are looking for?

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just wondering can it be done through service worker? as Ionic already have a service worker file? anyone?