Firebase Push notifications: Push on new data

Hello, am very new to Ionic framework and i must say it is pretty interesting using it what am having issue with is push notification i have a firebase application and i want to send out push notification when new data hits firebase how can i accomplish this

It isn’t clear to me exactly what you mean by push notification. But there are two main strategies: (1) handle notification inside the app, (2) handle notification through a service, like Ionic Cloud. Inside the app, you can display a toast whenever a FirebaseObjectObservable emits for example. (“You have new messages!”) Through Ionic Cloud, you control push notifications through a console, and you can schedule a notification after you update the database.

I think they actually mean real push notifications using Firebase, but want to trigger it from a change in the database. I remember this was discussed before here in the forum and there were some kind of “database triggers” possible that can also be used to spawn a push notification, but can’t find the post any more. @sagaya, did you search the forum yet?