How to save the new reordered items list back to server?


I guess the question title is self explanatory… I am trying to understand the logic implemented in the server-side (I am using loopBack).

In the mobile app I am using ionItemReorder… where it reorders a list of items/objects based on their indexes in the array , however, how do I save the reordered list back to the server maintaining their position in the array.

currently, I have http call methods such as, i.e. getUserEmails() // returns list of emails (objects) , addUserEmail() , deleteUserEmail() …


You have to write a function that takes your new list and sends it to the server. The server has to offer an API that takes that list and saves it to the database.


can I depend on the server for maintaining the array indexes ?


What do you mean by that?


someone told me that might not maintain the indexes position… since the item reorder is according the objects indexes in an array… so he told me its add a property order: number in each item/object in the array, so that you can rearrange it in that regard… this actually make the work more complicated thats why I was asking for a better solution