How to run the application in the background when it is closed

I used the background plugin but when the application is closed it does not work anymore I want that if the client activates a service if it closes the application I can notify him after

Do you call this.backgroundMode.enable();

Also what are you using inside the services? if its geolocation you’ll have to use the background geo plugin

What exactly does that mean?

It is a system of appeal I would like that if you take the ticket and you close the application when your turn arrives we notify you

Still very confusing sentence, but you want to notify the user that there is something he should check out in the app? That would be a classic use case for a push notification from the server to the app, or a local notification if it is just timebased.

If my sentence confuses it may be the translation ok short I included local notification I have write a code in the application that checks the server and sends the notification after but if the application stays started it now works I want it to work when the application is closed

If the information is on the server, you can send a messgae FROM the server TO the app using push notifications. If the app is closed the OS will display the push notification, if the app is open you can directly handle the message.

Yes, the difference is that it is the application that checks the server

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