Pusher Background Notifications


I have a feeling this might not be possible, but I am trying to build in a feature so that a user can ‘thumbs up’ someone for doing something. The goal is to notify the user receiving the thumbs up in real time.

I am using Pusher and the Local Notification Plugin, and it works great when the app is open, however I can’t seem to get it to work when the app is closed.

If I set the time for the local notification to be a minute later, and I close the app after getting a ‘thumbs up’ I then see the local notification, but I would like it if pusher can be listening when the app is closed.

Is this possible?



You would need to enable background notification, checkout these plugins for just that


Thanks for the quick reply. I had come across that, I am a bit worried that the app might get rejected due to it running in background mode. Any experience with that?


Some experience. What I know is that for apple, you need to register your app so that it can use background services



Hey @travis did you ever get pusher to work nicely with ionic? I’m currently trying to rig pusher with ionic, but am having difficulty changing or responding to the auth endpoint i.e(/pusher/auth)


Take a look here: http://devdactic.com/local-notifications-ionic/ and here: http://www.gajotres.net/how-to-use-local-notifications-with-ionic-framework/2/