How to run one dev-server and have livereload work on both iOS and Android?

I’m developing an app and want to see it working on my iPhone and my Samsung phone at the same time.

I have to deploy the iPhone through my MacBook and the Samsung through my Windows computer, right?

So how can I make it so that the iPhone connects to my Windows machine dev server?

I’d like it to work with --livereload so I can see the changes immediately on both phones.

i have both deployed thru my mac. and see changes live on both at the same time

you have to do the same setup for android… install the sdk and set the environment variables.
and install the platforms.

this saved a bunch of time for me

@sdetweil So you run the dev server only on your Mac?

correct… only on the mac

and when I save a change, both devices show updating

I would suggest the Ionic Devapp, instead of --livereload.
As long as both devices are on the same work as the host computer which runs “ionic serve”, everything will reload when you make changes to the code.


my app doesn’t work in ionic serve, uses cordova chrome plugins which aren’t supported there

I just open a prompt and run

ionic cordova run {{platform}} -l -s -c

platform=ios or android
and it works great