How to run a ionic 6 app in angular with Node version 14.20.0?

I have installed a node version of 14.20.0. When I try to create a new app with ionic start I am getting a error of " ERR: Your Node.js version is v14.20.0. Node.js 14 reached end-of-life on 2023-04-30 and is no longer supported. Please update to the latest Node LTS version. " But I have a exixting ionic project of version 6 and with node version of 14.20.0. So without updating the node can I create a ionic 6 app?

You can use Ionic CLI 6.x if you need to use node 14.x.
But you can’t create Ionic 6 apps anymore, the CLI will always use latest starter apps and those were updated to Ionic 7.

You don’t need node 14 to build Ionic 6 apps, the should build with newer node versions too.