How to build ionic 3 apps using Node 18?

We have is a large project that depends on ionic 3, which was built with Node 14.

Currently it is no longer possible because it reports:

ERR: Your Node.js version is v14.21.3. Node.js 14 reached end-of-life
on 2023-04-30 and is no longer supported. 
Please update to the latest Node LTS version.

How to keep the project without having to do a full move to ionic 7?

The one time error that we get when trying to npm install on the project, using node 18, is that node-sass is not compilable. And instead we have to install sass… but ionic 3 dependencies depend on node-sass.

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A possible solution is continue using Node 14.21.3 but installing the cli version 6:

npm -g i @ionic/cli@6  

then just no end-of-life message is showing.


Hi, have you ever solved this ? @Alexis182

This is working fine so far.