How to remove "ION-TAB" from $rootScope.$viewHistory


Hello, I am having a requirement where i need to skip all “ion-tab” from navigation history. Is there any way I can do this?

Example - Say, in my app i had a screen where it has 5 tabs. User can select any tab any time, But when he click on “Back” button I should take the user to previous page not previous tab.

Any input.?


As I understand it, each tab should already maintain its own separate history stack, so tapping back shouldn’t move you from one tab to another unless there’s something peculiar with your routes.


hmm, looks like I confused you. Here is screen shot explains my requirement.

Screen 1 - “Unscheduled” - When user selects any list item it will take user to Screen2.

Screen 2 - “2009 Nissam Ultima” - Contains 5 tabs. User can navigate to any tab in screen 2. But when user click on “back” button I should take him to “Screen1”.

Currently when I click on back button it was taking to previous tab. But I need user to completely navigate to previous screen.

Any idea?


From the docs ( ) you can set ng-click on ion-nav-back-button, so it might work to write a custom method that when the back button is clicked, you use $state.go to jump back to Screen1.


@thechrisroberts - It actually not that straight forward. I just illustrated an example.

In my case user can navigate to “Screen 2” from multiple ways. may be from Screen 1, may be from screen 3 (Which is not in above example). The best thing I should do is when ever I am in “Screen 2” - I should store previous screen (either “screen 1” or “Screen 3” or “Some other Screen”).

But it is not best practice. Do you suggest any other way?