Ionic tabs - turn off history


I’d like to use ion-tabs with the stack history to be disabled. (Basically clicking on a tab will default to the root page for that tab)

Is there a setting to accomplish this?



i’d like to do the same thing !


I’m struggling trying to get a sample working for you.

Here it is currently.

Just can’t get the ionicTabDelegate to switch to the original home tab view. Will keep trying


Okay - that sample is now working.

Take a look at how it uses ng-click on the Home tab and includes a new controller specific to that tab.


I see. Thanks Calandee!


beta-9 has changed this a little. In the code-pen from @Calendee, if you go to scientific facts then more facts then press the “Home” tab at the bottom, the back button is retained.
I forked your solution and updated it to get the ion-tab for home to always go home and remove the “back” button.

This is not a good solution. I’m storing the home’s tab’s history id in the $rootScope using the HomeTabCtrl, then navigating to that in the HomeTabLocalCtrl. The other home buttons in this example no longer work, either.