Porting ionic vue + plugins from ios to Android

.i have this app, which works great in ios, but now need an android version

uses Bluetooth le, geolocation, http, and a bunch of other plugins, all which document supporting Android.

I’ve added Android to my ionic app, and done a build and opened android studio.

the app runs to get my first page template up.

but geolocation doesn’t work, even tho I am prompted for usage as expected. and it says it has permission.

logcat shows I need Bluetooth connect permision

but the plugin has it, the app has it…

there is a crash in capacitor using object
keys() on a null pointer
my http request fails (not https)
I added the raw http permission

my personal.plugins were ported and at least are called
and return something.

this front page shows the results of a ble device scan, one one row per device
click on a row and it opens an editor modal.
save from the modal writes data back out to the device.
nothing fancy…

about 6 pm hours invested, including porting the top sides of my two plugins.
mostly changes in language and style.

but permissions are killing me

I would have thought that plugins using and defining permissions would have been enough. my code checks for permission before using the appropriate plugin as well.

anyone have any suggestions on a concise description of what one should do on Android. I understand I am putting things in the manifest file, but there are more than 15 of them.

capacitor docs tell me one thing, plugins another, android another. none work.

if I make a mistake android studio highlights it.

my last android ionic app was back in. V2. a few things have changed since then…