How to put content outside of scroller container?

Currently I’m developing an app where I am using iScroll4 to allow for a div to be separately scrollable and zoomable. I’ve managed to get the functionality of this div to work, but I when I scroll vertically within the div, it also scrolls vertically the whole main view area of the page. I am presuming this is because the div is within ionic’s designated area to scroll. Is there a way I can place this separately-scrollable div outside of this scrollable area, so that it does not scroll the main content along with this scrollable div?


Adding this will keep the general content from scrolling:

<ion-content scroll="false">

Hey there Calendee. I appreciate your reply. I see that adding this future indeed removes scrolling from the content container, but I want to only remove scrolling from one element, and not the whole page.

Have you tried putting scroll="false" on that one element? If you are trying to keep on element fixed in place while the rest of the page scrolls, I think you will need to use CSS fixed positioning.

I would love seeing this feature. I have several canvas element for the user to draw on, and when this is inside scrollable content the user scrolls the page when starting to draw. Is there any way to make a div or another element not scrollable while the main content is scrollable? Setting scroll=false on the element is not working.

Feel free to add a feature request on GitHub. I scanned through them all and did not find one already.

yea, I would really appreciate that feature as well!