How to print array of an array using ngFor

I have a array of array like this

[[{"name":"PC Repairing @ 250","id":"1","checked":true},{"name":"PC Repairing @ 350","id":"2","checked":true}],[{"name":"PC Repairing @ 250","id":"3","checked":true},{"name":"PC Repairing @ 350","id":"2","checked":true},{"name":"PC Repairing @ 250","id":"1","checked":true}],[{"name":"PC Repairing @ 250","id":"3","checked":true},{"name":"PC Repairing @ 350","id":"2","checked":true},{"name":"PC Repairing @ 250","id":"1","checked":true}]]

how can i print this array using ngfor?
thanks in advance

Try to use for inside for

<ion-item *ngFor="let data of somedata">
   <ion-item *ngFor="let insidedata of data">
Print here
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Thanks for your response. but here my problem is little bit different.Please could i tell you?

Yes Please , you can ask your concern here

I have list of item and inside every item open a same checkbox list but when select the checkbox from system 1 list it should be show only for system 1. but its show for every list of item. How can i do that.
below i attach my UI

Please could tell me how can i achieve this things am stuck around 7 day’s on this situation

above system1 syatme2 … is dynamic its generated text box based on drop down value

Can you share your html and TS code please.

this is my Listpage.ts

openServiceproblem(index) {
    const modal = this.modalCtrl.create(ServiceproblemPage);
    modal.onDidDismiss(data => {


<ion-row *ngFor="let item of number_of_texbox; let i=index">

          <ion-col col-3><p class="system-name-head-text"><strong>System {{i+1}}</strong> </p></ion-col>

          <ion-col col-8>

            <button ion-button  (click)="openServiceproblem(i)" class="select-sys-btn-sec">Select System Problem  <ion-icon name="arrow-dropdown"></ion-icon>



          <ion-col col-1 (click)="remove_system(i)" *ngIf="delete_is_visable">

            <div class="delete-btn">

              <ion-icon name="trash"></ion-icon>




          <ion-col col-12>

                <ion-input type="text" value="" class="sys-descrip" placeholder="System Description"></ion-input>



          <ion-col col-12><p class="repair-detailsa-all-con" *ngFor="let item of user_selected_service_data; let i=index" >{{}}</p></ion-col>










  if(data.checked ==true){





    let newArray = this.selectedArray.filter(function(el) {

      return !==;// id set is the static object. it will check according database response


    this.selectedArray = newArray;

    //this.text_field =false;





Please check