Angular 2 loop

I have created simple json and trying to print using *ngFor but its not printing anything. Please help me to know missing part. Below is the code of typescript file as well as html file

Typescript code

export class HomePage {

public users = [
{ name: ‘Jilles’, age: 21 },
{ name: ‘Todd’, age: 24 },
{ name: ‘Lisa’, age: 18 }

constructor(private navController: NavController) {


HTML file code

<div *ngFor='let user of users'>
{{ }}

That code works, so you must have an error somewhere else.

Agreed, that looks good to me. A good way to test that angular is working properly is to put something like {{1+2}} into your html and ensure that it outputs a 3 in the view.

Thanks for reply. Yes error was somewhere else.