How to override ionic.bundle.js properly?

Having a big problem regarding the swiper / slider in combination with Ionic.

Here, you can see the latest code of Ionic using the Swiper plugin version 3.2.7 which is last updated in 2015!

Swiper 3.4.2 is out now, which is updated last month, yet Ionic does not update it’s code and uses the old one. The old buggy version of Swiper is causing me problems (like autoplay not working) and I want to fix that.

My question is: how can I fix this problem without having to hardcode it? I want Ionic to use the new Swiper version, so is there a way I can inject it in the Ionic.bundle.js file?

You don’t need to update swiper in your ionic-bundle.js just install it using npm as a seperate component and then include it in your app.js file.

See Docs