How to open the application when you visit the website?


I am using the following plugin and I work pretty well but my question is, how can I make ny page in a directory will be in the application, in few words the user from google will be redirected to the application

<a href="mycoolapp://">Open my app</a>
<a href="mycoolapp://somepath">Open my app</a>
<a href="mycoolapp://somepath?foo=bar">Open my app</a>
<a href="mycoolapp://?foo=bar">Open my app</a>

this works well but only if the user clicks the link, the idea is to be automatic when you open the page from the phone open in the app


This might help.


Nice plugin. Little bit off topic, but how can you be sure your website visitors already have your app installed?


look for google app indexing, I think it help, sorry for my english


To check whether an app is installed, you would do:

if (screen.width <= 699) {
    document.location = 'mycoolapp://';
        alert('You do not have mycoolapp installed');
     }, 300);

If the screen width is less than 699, redirects to the app, after 300 ms, if the user has not redirected, do whatever.