Google App Indexing: install link when app not installed


I have trouble figuring out how the whole Google App indexing works and what is available for Cordova apps.
Different features seem to be mixed up in every documents I find:

  1. When the app is installed and the mobile user clicks on the associated website link from google search results, the content is opened in the app
  2. When the app isn’t installed, a button to install the app is displayed next to the associated website link in google search results
  3. An ad to install the app is displayed in search results (as a whole item)

The first feature is quite easy to implement with Deeplinks plugin (in ionic native), I haven’t test it with ios but it works fine with android. I don’t really care about the third one, it seems to be the result of Google crawling the app and Adwords campaign. However I’d really like to have the 2nd feature. It’s just an association between the app and the website so following the instructions in “Connect your site with your app” ( should make it work, doesn’t it ? What am I missing ?

(I have deep links on my app and it is registered in Google Search Console)


Were you able to solve this issue?

You mentioned “The first feature is quite easy to implement with Deeplinks plugin” Can you please guide and share the details how to implement it?

Thank you

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