How to npm install the latest version of ionic 2

I’m unsure about how to do this and accidentally installed ionic 3 which I did not want.

Also will I need to install specific versions of Angular with this too?


What exactly is your question? Did you install Ionic CLI v3 or framework version 3? If it’s the latter, I would say that you should remain on that version (perhaps not making use of lazy loading). If you wan’t to downgrade your cli just run npm install -g ionic . npm install -g ionic@beta installs ionic cli version 3. Your angular version is defined inside your package.json, which should just be up to date when starting of with a template or blank starter.

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The “ionic” you install via npm is actually Ionic CLI. Ionic the framework is called “ionic-angular” in your package.json that gets created after you start a new Ionic project (with the CLI).

So if you want to use a specific Ionic Framework version, set it in package.json and then run npm install in your app directory.

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