How to navigate between pages ? (Themeable Browser)


I use the plugin “Themeable Browser” with Ionic 3.
My browser appears in fullscreen mode, and it covers my navigation bar.
I can’t browse the other pages of my application.

Do you have a solution so that I can use my browser only on one page,
while continuing to access the other pages of my application ?

I AM NOVICE, any help and simple explanations would be really apreciated !
Thanks in advance. :blush:

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, private themeableBrowser: ThemeableBrowser) {}
ionViewDidEnter() {
  const options: ThemeableBrowserOptions = {
    toolbar: {
      height: 44,
      color: '#010101',
    title: {
      color: '#ffffffff',
      showPageTitle: true,
      staticText: 'Academy Browser'
    backButton: {
      wwwImage: 'assets/img/back.png',
      align: 'left',
      event: 'backPressed'
    forwardButton: {
      wwwImage: 'assets/img/forward.png',
      align: 'left',
      event: 'forwardPressed'
    closeButton: {
      wwwImage: 'assets/img/close.png',
      align: 'left',
      event: 'closePressed'
  const browser: ThemeableBrowserObject = this.themeableBrowser.create('', '_blank', options);

  browser.on('closePressed').subscribe(data => {