Ionic 3 themeablebrowser menu bar not showing

Hi, I have themeablebrowser installed in my app and it’s working but the back and forward button is not showing or the menu bar itself.

Please see below screenshot:

my .ts

  test() {
    const options: ThemeableBrowserOptions = {
      toolbar: {
        height: 44,
        color: '#3573bbff'
      title: {
        color: '#ffffffff',
        showPageTitle: true,
        staticText: 'Academy Browser'
      backButton: {
        wwwImage: 'assets/imgs/logo.png',
        align: 'left',
        event: 'backPressed'
      forwardButton: {
        wwwImage: 'assets/imgs/logo.png',
        align: 'left',
        event: 'forwardPressed'
      closeButton: {
        wwwImage: 'assets/imgs/logo.png',
        align: 'left',
        event: 'closePressed'

    const browser: ThemeableBrowserObject = this.themeableBrowser.create('', '_blank', options);

    browser.on('closePressed').subscribe(data => {


my .html

     <p (click)="test()">open browser</p>