How to modify AndroidManifest to prevent Firebase auto initialization


I want to add the firebase plugin for my ionic 3 app, but I have to prevent auto initialization to get the stuff gdpr ready.

I have to add this lines to my AndroidManifest File but I dont know how to do this. I think its not possible to copy and paste it directly into the file.

    android:value="false" />
    android:value="false" />

It would be nice, if someone could help me.

Hi @Torbinho,

Maybe this is what you’re looking for:

Thanks for your reply, but I dont know…

I dont do anything with the auth stuff. I only want a token and send push notifications/messages.
I dont want to register or use a firebase database.

I found a way to add this lines to my AndroidManifest. But it doesnt do anything. I can still send push notifications via Rest API, without to enable it. It just works despite of the AndroidManifest changes.