Firebase 3 facebook login not working in android mobiles

the firebase login functionality works nicely in browser using ionic serve but nothing happens when we try to use it in android …any idea how to overcome it?

some debugging or logging output?

maybe you have to set the security policy/metatag to allow requests to your firebase endpoint through whitelist plugin?

Ok then i’ll install in app Browser (whitelist plugin)…but how will it help to implement firebase login ?

and one more thing…i am using firebase 3 (the newest)

this whole thing has nothing todo with inapp browser, but if you want to communicate with firebase --> you are sending requests. To allow sending requests in your app you need to configure the cordova whitelist plugin and set the right security settings. In other cases the app device/app will block all not allowed requests.

its still not working after installing whitelist plugin and using the meta tag in html page.