How to make ng-repeat for two arrays in the same list or row

Hi ,i want to do a table for exchange rate ,wich has 4 colons .
in two colons i use the information from data API wich has it’s url ,for the other i make them my sef (name,img).
so i’ve done this code (ng -repeat for each row ) :

 <div class="col">
  <div class="row " ng-repeat="t in exchange.rates">
  	<div class="col col-50">{{}}</div>
  	<div class="col col-50">{{t.rate}}</div>

 <div class=" col">
 <div class="row " ng-repeat="t in echange">
  	<div class="col col-50 ">{{}}</div>
  	<div class="col col-50"><img ng-src={{t.img}}</div>


controller(‘InfoCtrl’, function($scope, $http, $state, $sce,$stateParams)
var exchange_url=’’ ;
$http.get(exchange_url).success(function(response) {
$ = response;


$scope.echange=[ { name:'Australian dollar', img:'../img/Capture.png'} ,
                  { name:'Canadian dollar',},
                  { name:'Chinese Yuan'},
                  {name:'British Pounds'},
                  {name:'Indian rupee'},
                  {name:'Japanese Yen'},
                  {name:'US Dollar'},
                  {name:' Tunisian dinar'}



and this is the result :

help please to reslove this problm