Angularjs ng-repeat

I want to combine two algorithm with each how do it

JS Bin
<div ng-repeat="b in pp track by $index" ng-repeat="a in aa track by $index">
 {{ (b+a)   }}

angular.module(“app”, [])

    $scope.string = 'A, B, C';
    $scope.arrString = new Array();
    $scope.arrString = $scope.string.split(',');

   $scope.string1 = '100-,200-,300-';
  $scope.arrString1 = new Array();
  $scope.arrString1 = $scope.string1.split(',');

$scope.pp = $scope.arrString1;
$scope.aa = $scope.arrString;


I want results:
A 100-
B 200-
C 300-

Example Site:,js,output

Don’t know if it works for you but i will try to sum the arrays in the controller and provide a new model to iterate through in
the view for example you can do this in your controler

$scope.myModel = $ (el, index) {
  return el + $scope.arrString1[index];

PS. Try to improve a bit you variables naming eg. arrString1, aa, pp etc you will look at this code after one week (or worse another dev will work on your code) and you will really struggle to understand what is going on.
Hope it helps cheers :slight_smile: