How to make Ion menu with swipeEnbled false but enable swipe on slides within menu

I have a requirement with slides to be available with ion menu. So i added slides within menu content. Then I faced issue with swipe. When swiping the menu is getting closed. To fix that I added swipeEnable=“false” to ion menu. Then I able to swipe the slides within menu. This solution is working fine in ios but not working in android, in which the entire swipe is disabled and even slides are not swipeable. Can some body throw some light to fix this issue in android. Below is my code. Thanks in advance.

<ion-menu type="overlay" swipeEnabled="false">

The swipe is working when run on emulator or device. However pager is not generating. When I looked at the source, it generated the div with required classes but its not generating the buttons within it as below. Any help would be really appreciated.

<div class="swiper-pagination hide swiper-pagination-clickable swiper-pagination-bullets"></div>