How to make Google login with Vue 3/Capacitor 4

I have been googling all sorts of tutorials on how to make Google login with Vue and Capacitor 4 but none of the plugins that appear on top of the search work. Documentation is also very messy and inconclusive.

Does somebody have a link to a repo with working Google login or a tutorial that actually works (with v4 as well)?

Much thanks in advance

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Yeah, this plugin doesn’t work

The npm stats for this plugin says otherwise. It has 4,600 weekly downloads.

What have you tried to come to your conclusion?
You have any example to show?

The best way to test your theory and to get any help is to create an example project in stackblitz and post the link here so we can check.

@antonijap Ionic VueJS Google Auth, Phone Auth and Email Auth Using Capacitor Firebase Plugin

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First it’s incompatible with Capacitor 4.`

Then, I get this when I try to click login button in a simulator or a real phone.

I followed this tutorial and it started to work. Official documentation is missing very important pieces of information.


Hi, do you remember how you fix that issue mentionet by you. I have same issue in capacitor 4…

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