How to make device restration?

Hello Sir,

After installing apps, users need to be registered their devices.Otherwise users can not access app login. How to make devices registration process in ios and android in ionic?

please give me an idea…

You need to implement authentication on your server and then on angular side use route resolve promise to check for authentication token in your localstorage and if it is missing redirect to login/register page.

You can create a webservice request and register device UDID on to the server.

By using the above scenario, you can authenticate device UDID every time user hits the server for login or any other services if present in your app.

You can use cordova device plugin to get the device UDID.

Hello Sir,

Single device for single user. That means if he/she register his device then he can not login from other device of the same apps . From the device end what to do to check because of security porpse.

Is it possible to take imei or uuid to check the device registration in ios and android in ionic?

You can definetly get device id (I am not sure how but google is your friend)

But I would do it differently, If user signs in on new device, on server side I would invalidate previous token, so if user on previous device continue using app, angular would check his token against server which will return 401 and angular can log him out. Hope that is clear