UniqueDeviceID plugin for backup/restore user data


I am building an android phone app that does not have login/authentication screen. I want to add the functionality to backup/restore some data user entered in the app. I have a webserver with a webservice written in C#.

My initial plan was to use the deviceId, to identify the device, lookup in the backend table and backup/restore the data, but i realize deviceId is not reliable.

My other options are to

  1. Ask for an email at the time of backup,send a verification code to verify and save the email address as the lookup key in the backend,but there is extra work involved. But this will help in case of reinstalls, since i can ask for email verification again.

  2. use ng-persist, create a GUID from C# backend and save using ng-persist.Not sure if ng-persist works after a phone reset or an OS upgrade.

Do i have any simpler options available to make this work ? Noticed this plugin which says,will generate unique id even after an uninstall. UniqueDeviceID

Can i use this plugin ? I am using Ionic 1.3.2.

Thanks !


Refer https://github.com/hygieiasoft/cordova-plugin-uid uid plugin for cordova and ionic