How to make APK Expansion File? Google Play apk size limit 100mb

My app size is about ~300mb. This includes many videos and large images.
I don’t know how to split it into expansion obb file.
Please help me solve this problem. Many thanks!

Remve all videos from app file and store to some other server. use http link to link those videos to your app. Removing videos from your app will atomatically reduce the size of app

Following this tutorial, with some modifications, could create the Expansion File (based on a zip file).
However the suggested plugin to access and read the files inside the Expansion File is prepared to Cordova 5.3.1 and I’m using 6.2.0.

:worried: Yet seeking a way to access and read the files in Expansion File (based on zip file) …

One of the project objectives is offline access to videos. I need them in.

I’m interested in figuring out how to do this on Cordova…
What is the easiest way to create .obb expansion file?

I think it will be awesome if Ionic 4 CLI does this automatically…

For instance, if APK’s final size is over 100MB, Ionic 4 CLI automatically detects it and create .obb files…
That will make it a lot easier!