App with more than 50M, how to split part to apk expansion files?

I’m working on app with some requisites:

  • full works offline
  • large amount of data
  • android & ios

when I created a signed apk the problem starts:
the SQLite DB have something like 60M of data.
the app have something like 8M.

with this size i can`t send it to Playstore

i’ve lost 4 hours trying to find something using the android expansion files but i didn’t found nothing about this.

someone know how i can do this?

I promise, if someone helps i’ll do a full tutorial about it in my free time :wink:

I’ve never tried, but a quick search found this: Adding an Android APK Expansion File to a Cordova Project

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I’ve tried without success.
So i made my own way.
The user needs to download all content only in the first time by app.

#Hillebrand Can you explain a bit more how you did it ?

can you explain me how it want to done