How to make a background process when app is not running

you can try this

this plugin give device current location also in background

how do you do this from the server side?

hi @halukkaramete, I think that my solution is using backgroun-mode and autostart plugins… you can help me by publishing something of your code? just to know how to implement it

I need to store datetime of the device to know if the user have changed the clock time (for avoid the user to falsificate the time or at least know if he tried)

Hello, have you all found any solution yet ???
i want to build an alarm app using ionic and want to playalaram when time equals. even when my app is killed or closed ?? how can i do this please help.

I’m having trouble receiving notifications when the app is killed. I’m using FCM Native to get notifications

apples policy is really bad for developer.
they restrict many things to do in background or app is killed…

they should change that policy.

background tracking is really easy when it comes to android because they provide service feature which can work when app is killed or phone reboot.
but counterpart of it in iOS is not exist. as far as I know.

using server side to get notification?
let’s say that if I want to get notification when I enter coordinate of 32.12323, 128.12322.
I can set server to give notification. but how server know when my device is at 32.12323,128.12322 to trigger server to give notification?

I wonder how IFTTT app is working on iOS device…

I need to do the same thing, I want to create a finance app that can read bank’s notifications, there is currently an app called Mobills in the play store that can do it, it keeps running in the background forever somehow ( so it can read incoming ntfs), even if I kill it.

In my Galaxy s8+ it was eating thru the battery, but on my moto X4 it’s fine… I wonder how they do that. They don’t even need a notification like Tasker does.

Do you know if it is still rejected from the Apple store?
The documentation says that ios is a supported platform.

Yes It’s still reject app there is no point to use this plugin

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Hi all, I solved my background issue with background-mode plugin:

Hope it will be help.