How to "ionic cordova run" in Docker?

All the project is built in a docker container.

Now I need to develop on a real tablet device. So I connected with adb by wifi

adb connect // It works.

The problem is when I run:
ionic cordova run android -l --external

I get

Local: http://localhost:8100         // <= internal domain of the tablet
External:   // <= IP of my dev host

I asume the problem is that I run everything INSIDE a container within a docker network:
My dev machine IP is:

So the tablet try to connect into which is NOT GOOD.
I get

But I don’t understand why the popup windows show: “(http://localhost:8100)”

How can I change the EXTERNAL IP?
I would like: External:

Does anyone have any idea?

For those like me who need a custom domain. You need to change the host file of the device to point to backend.test
** api.backend.test**
adb pull /system/etc/hosts /myfolder
Edit the file

 adb remount
 adb push /myfolder/hosts /system/etc/hosts

As for the ionic build…

ionic cordova platform rm android
cordova platform rm android
ionic cordova platform add android

You want to take a look at this post:

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