Application error Ionic serve and run android using different ports why

when I type ionic serve it runs on localhost/8100 but cordova run android runs on localhost:/8102 and displaying error
connection refused

is not a Ionic command.

Still, we need to see the exact error to debug anything.

Using this command only to run and was working fine but why now that I. Not getting why running on different ports

Why should it run on the same port? These are two commands from two different command line tools from two different software projects.

But then it should work why it is showing like err connection refused


What is showing “connection refused”?
Where exactly?
What exactly does it say?
Did it work before?

Yes it worked before now only when I run in emulator it builds successfully but when I execute Cordova run in emulator it shows error connection refused fails to connect my ip/local host:8002

Ok, you don’t want to answer my questions. That’s fine, then I don’t want to help you. Good luck.

What answer u want from me I didn’t get u I just can. Send u a screenshot that is it