How to Integrate Ionic with Active Directory or LDAP?


I need help to integrate Ionic-2 app with Active Directory / LDAP. I have a requirement in which I have to Authenticate user through Active Directory / LDAP. Is there anyone who done with this?

I’m new to Active Directory / LDAP and its integration with Ionic-2 app.
I followed Auth0 articles Authenticate Ionic 2 with Active Directory and Authenticate Ionic 2 with LDAP

But I’m not able achieve it. Is there need to write Node.js/php script to connect to Active Directory / LDAP.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello vaibsVB , I have a similar requirement where user needs to login in office 365 account within ionic 2 app , and on login success user should be redirected back to app again . Basically I want to authenticate user login using office 365 in ionic 2 app. So just wanted to know , did u get any solution for this???

Hi All, I am also looking for the same. can anyone please provide the github code with ldap authentication

Any leads yet on this @vaibsVB?

I’ve been looking to do this too as part of a centralized ldap login and app roles management accessable through an Ionic PWA, hopefully roles would be taken care by firebase, so if anyone has achieved ad/ldap integration for Ionic 4 I would be grateful