How to import cordova plugins

I am currently new to ionic and I started learning ionic 2, weeks back, my major problem is adding cordova plugins, if I run cordova add plugin name of plugins on my cli it will add the plugin, but where am confused is trying to import the plugin to my .ts file, let’s say I have this plugin…, after adding the plugin to my project, I really don’t know the folder to import it from in my .ts eg import {Theameable} from “”, don’t know where to locate it from. I have tried every folder but am getting error message that it’s not located there. Pls can u just give me a clue on how to import plugins after adding them. Thanks

Hi, have you solved this problem @kelvinrolex ?
Or someone can help me with that problem?

Nope…I couldn’t resolve it, so i removed it from my project.

So sad.
I’m trying to use that plugin:
But i don’t know how to import and use in my project.

I think what would be so easy, but no one had the solution.